Wild West Nightmare

Main Story

Welcome to Mist Valley, a once-prosperous town in the heart of the Wild West, now shrouded in an unyielding mist of golden dreams and dark nightmares. The town, isolated by a thick, enigmatic fog, has become a refuge for disparate souls: bandits, local settlers, and native tribes, all drawn to its eerie embrace, unable to leave.

As night falls, Mist Valley transforms into a battleground where night creatures, born from the very mist that traps the town, emerge to prey on the living. These ethereal entities, phantoms of a forgotten time, instill fear and claim lives with each passing night. The town, once buzzing with the hope of gold and opportunity, now echoes with the cries of the trapped and the desperate.

In this crucible of survival, conflicts abound. The locals, led by a resolute Sheriff, are at odds with the native tribes, represented by a wise Indian Shaman. The town's fragile unity is further strained by the presence of undercover bandits, sowing distrust and discord. Amidst these human tensions, a mysterious Witch Doctor, versed in the myths of old, offers both solace and enigma, blurring the lines between science and superstition.

Playable Characters

The Myth Hunter

An outsider who mysteriously appeared in Mist Valley through the mist. A mythic figure like vampire hunter in leather clothing. Known for his expertise in hunting and understanding mythical and supernatural entities.

The Local Godfather

A powerful figure in Mist Valley, known for his influence and control over the town's resources. The godfather maintains a strained alliance with the Bandit Leader for mutual survival. 

The Cult Leader

A charismatic Mexican but ruthless leader of a band of bandits who found themselves trapped in Mist Valley.

Views the Myth Hunter as a potential threat or a useful tool, undecided yet.




Undercover Bandit

Indian Wiseman