War of Radiation

Main Story

In the wake of a devastating nuclear war, the world has transformed into a desolate wasteland dominated by nuclear-mutated giant insects. These colossal creatures, warped by radiation, now claim the surface, forcing humanity into a new era of darkness underground. The remnants of civilization cling to survival in scattered bunkers, hidden beneath the earth's scarred surface.

As a survivor, you find yourself in one such bunker, a dimly lit haven that is both a sanctuary and a prison. The once-thriving cities and forests are now haunting grounds for these grotesque insects, making surface excursions lethal. This underground life is fraught with its own perils. Bunker communities, isolated and desperate, have grown distrustful and territorial. Conflicts over dwindling resources and safe zones are common, with skirmishes and betrayals becoming a part of daily life.

In this grim setting, your primary objective is to navigate the dangers of both the insect-overrun surface and the tense human conflicts underground. With only three days to ensure your survival, every decision is crucial. The clock is ticking, and the surface world, with its monstrous inhabitants, awaits.

Playable Characters

The Scout

Once a biologist specializing in entomology, now a skilled scout and survival expert.

Has a complex relationship with the Engineer, often disagreeing on resource allocation. Feels a protective duty towards the Caretaker.

The Engineer

A pragmatic former bunker engineer, adept at maintaining and improvising technology for survival.

Often in conflict with the Scout over safety versus exploration. Holds a leadership role among the bunker inhabitants.

The Cult Leader

A charismatic and persuasive figure who has formed a cult around the belief that the Rad Leviathans are a result of divine intervention.

Influences a segment of the bunker population, causing rifts, especially with the Scout and the Engineer.


The Mediator

New Comer

Care Taker