Tang Dynasty Outbreak

Main Story

In the imperial heart of the Tang dynasty, a pursuit for immortality goes dreadfully awry. Daoist alchemists, favoring the emperor with promises of eternal life, concoct a potion that births an unimaginable horror. The emperor, once a beacon of divine authority, is transformed into a monstrous entity craving flesh. The sprawling Emperor's Palace, a bastion of celestial order, becomes a mausoleum of the undead.

As a survivor trapped within the palace walls, you witness the relentless spread of the pandemic. The once-hallowed halls echo with the groans of the zombified court, as terracotta warriors stand silent guard over a court that has descended into chaos. The Daoists split into two factions: the Ascendants, who worship the zombies as a new zenith of existence, and the Guardians, who are resolved to contain this curse before it breaches the palace's mighty walls.

In a world where the search for life begets death, the palace is a paradoxical prison of opulence and decay. Survival is a fleeting hope with dwindling supplies and the ever-present threat of being turned into one of the undead. The overarching goal is clear – survive the growing pandemic and escape the palace's confines before it becomes your tomb.

Playable Characters

The Scholar of Dao

You are revered scholar of Daoism, this character now seeks redemption for their inadvertent role in the emperor's transformation. Equipped with high intelligence and holding alchemical fire, your knowledge of Daoist rituals would help in ending the outbreak.

The Imperial Guard

You are a strong and authoritative figure, clad in elaborate armor and wielding their ancestral blade. Their expression of stoicism and unwavering loyalty emphasizes their role as a protector in this time of crisis.




The Ascendant

The Guardian