Dev Log

Hello, there, my name is Yu Gao. This is my personal experiment of GPTs power in game development. I post updates here regularly, you are welcome to follow along with the game development.  

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Version 0.8.0 Table Top Simulator Jan 8 2024

Imagine how this can be used in a  board game!

Working on integrating this with Table Top Simulator!

In the latest tabletop zombie apocalypse game, GPTS, an advanced AI, serves as the dungeon master. It creates a dynamic, ever-changing world, tailoring challenges and storylines to player actions. This integration ensures a unique, immersive experience in every game, blending strategy and survival in an unpredictable, AI-driven environment. 

Version 0.7.0 InWorld AI -  Dec 23 2023

Working with to see if connecting GPTs with inworld to provide NPC personality is possible.

Very interesting tool, view details here:

Version 0.6.4 A New World -  Dec 15 2023

In this exciting update, we added 1 new setting - "Wild West Nightmare". Welcome to Mist Valley, an eerie town in the heart of the Wild West, now engulfed in a mysterious mist. Here, spectral creatures, the Mist Wraiths, emerge at night to prey on the living. The town is a crucible of survival, with bandits, settlers, and supernatural entities all trapped within. 

Version 0.5.2  Improved Prompts -  Dec 05 2023

Updated prompt instructions to use less token. 
Tried ways to make the game experience more stable.
Revised world settings files to adjust difficulties and also make the experience more interesting.

Version 0.4.9 NPCs-  Dec 04 2023

In this exciting update, we're introducing a game-changing feature that elevates your immersive experience in the post-apocalyptic world. Players can now engage in conversations with Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) scattered throughout the game. Interact with a diverse cast of characters, each with their own stories, insights, and quests to offer. Your choices in these dialogues can shape the course of your journey, affecting alliances, uncovering hidden secrets, and influencing the game's narrative. 

Version 0.4.5 Leaderboard -  Dec 03 2023
A simple leaderboard is connected through zappier. 

Version 0.4.2 Stable World -  Dec 03 2023
New Player Onboarding: In this update, we've prioritized delivering a smooth and engaging experience for newcomers. GPT, our AI-powered Game Master, now follows carefully constructed steps to onboard new players. Whether you're a seasoned survivor or new to the post-apocalyptic world, you'll find the onboarding process intuitive and informative. Get ready to dive into the action with confidence!

Predefined World Settings: To ensure stability and variety in your gameplay, we've introduced predefined world settings. These settings offer diverse backdrops for your adventure, each with its own unique challenges and narrative twists.

Explore worlds such as:

These predefined world settings add depth and excitement to your gameplay, offering fresh scenarios and challenges for every playthrough.
World settings are modular pieces and new DLCs can be inserted at later date. 

Version 0.3.6 Action Evaluator  -  Dec 02 2023
In this version, we introduced 2 major functionalities.

Player-Action Evaluation: In this update, we've introduced a groundbreaking feature that takes player interaction to the next level. GPT, our AI-powered Game Master, can now evaluate player-proposed actions in real-time. This means that you as the player is able to write custom action proposal using nature language. Every proposal you make in the game is carefully considered and weighed by the AI, adding depth and realism to your choices.

Skill Checks: To make gameplay even more immersive, we've implemented skill checks based on GPT's evaluations. When you propose an action, the AI will perform skill checks using virtual dice rolls to determine the outcome. This dynamic system adds an element of chance and strategy to your decisions, making every moment in "3 Day Apocalypse" a unique and suspenseful experience.

Version 0.3.0 Initial Experiment  -  Nov 30 2023
In this version, we are thrilled to introduce the Game Master GPT for "3 Day Apocalypse." Players can now interact with an AI-driven Game Master powered by GPT technology. Dive into a dynamic storytelling experience as you guide the narrative and make impactful decisions.