3 Days to
Your Death

GPT Plus subscription is required

In '3 Day Apocalypse', players are thrust into the aftermath of a global catastrophe. This simulation game unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world where survival is a day-to-day struggle.

The central character, marked by a recent tragic death, finds themselves in an extraordinary situation. Mysteriously sent back in time, they are given a chance to relive the last three days of their life.

As the clock ticks down, the player is faced with a crucial question: Can they make a difference knowing what the future holds?

Storyline and World Settings

Storyline and world settings are NOT randomly generated by AI.  Transformer is used to generate scenarios base on the designed world setting. This is to ensure players have a stable experience. 

New Feature Coming Soon

The Creator is experimenting with hosting multiple agents who simulates NPCs, this will allow player to talk to NPCs during the course of the day.